My name is Lisa and I am a communications professional, merging technical and creative skills in the fields of PR, visual and verbal communication. This site is where I will showcase my work across a broad range of disciplines. Please note this portfolio site is still under construction and it will be added to in the coming weeks.

The past decade has seen media undergo a revolution and we are living in an age where information is more democratised and more widely available than ever before. To navigate this new landscape, brands must adapt their approach to reach an ever-expanding market of information enthusiasts. Electronic media do not stand still so I am constantly adapting and expanding my skill set. I am always seeking roles where I can combine my technical skills and creativity.

I also like tea, which is easier to keep a handle on.


Visual communication is second to none when it comes to getting the message across instantly. Using Adobe Creative Suite I have designed for ad campaigns, magazines, newspapers and the web.


Whether it's composing killer content for websites or putting together an effective press release, verbal communication is one of my favourite things.

Social Media/PR

The world is more connected than ever and organizations need to have effective strategies in place for managing their image and brand in a changing marketplace.

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